• Keeping an aquarium is a great therapy for stress, high blood pressure, and insomnia. With an aquarium you can bring elements of the natural world into your home or office to sooth a tired and busy mind.
  • Fish tank can be use for therapeutic purposes for many health condition. Medical studies have found that the presence of fish tanks can help in reducing stress and anxiety, lessen episodes of insomnia, and lower blood pressure. Studies have been conducted which show the benefit of fish tanks can contribute to trauma patient recovery time, and management of pain for chronic sufferers.
  • Aquariums in a work environment have been shown to have a calming effect, and alleviate stress and stress-related disorders. Reduction of stress in your work force will lead to happier and more productive workers.
  • In Childcare Centres, having a fish tank can be a great way to teach small children how to take care of an animal and be responsible, by allowing them to feed the fish and give the fish names. Children with ADHD have shown positive responses to having a fish tank in their play area.
  • In Nursing Homes, thoughtfully designed aquariums that are populated with the right fish can improve health levels of those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. After watching an aquarium, residents can show improvement in their appetite and even show reduction of their aggressive behavior.
  • Perfect for homes and animal lovers out there too!!


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