Whether you own a fish tank or pond, or are thinking of getting one, we understand that a major concern is how to keep it looking good at all times while also keeping your beautiful fish happy and healthy. We at Nature at Work are here to alleviate your worries. We maintain fish tanks, aquariums, and/or ponds. We will come to your home or office, assess your needs, give you free advice, and arrange a suitable time for regular maintenance. We can come out as often as you wish – from weekly to fortnightly to monthly.

What comes with Maintenance?

  • Assessment of your fish tank or pond
  • Advice about maintenance if you wish
  • Water testing to ensure a safe environment for your fish
  • Partial water change to prevent the build up of toxins and waste that can be harmful to fish if left for weeks without changing the water
  • Gravel vacuuming for your tank to clean the gravel, where waste is most likely to accumulate
  • Removal of certain kinds of algae which build up on glass and recommendations for treatment of other algae which can’t be manually removed
  • Mechanical checks, which include – assessment of the longevity of your light, and the condition of your filters, air pumps, heaters and auto feeders. We ensure all aquarium equipment is in good working condition before we leave a job
  • Retesting of the water and replenishment of the necessary elements to ensure desired water parameters are met
  • Cleaning of the outside of the tank and dusting of cabinets