Aquarium Maintenance Services

Whether you own a fish tank or pond, or are thinking of getting one, we understand that a major concern is how to keep it looking good at all times while also keeping your beautiful fish happy and healthy. We at Nature at Work are here to alleviate your worries. We maintain fish tanks, aquariums, and/or ponds. We will come to your home or office, assess your needs, give you free advice, and arrange a suitable time for regular maintenance. We can come out as often as you wish – from weekly to fortnightly to monthly.

Aquarium Leasing Services

Leasing an aquarium can be a great option for businesses, offices, nursing homes, child-care centres and hospitals. No maintenance hassles, we will do it all for you – and as an added bonus for most businesses aquarium leasing is tax deductible.

Our Services


“ I have known the great guys from Nature at Work for some time now & find them extremely knowledgeable about anything Fishy and would recommend them at any time which I have in the past.”

Gay Radcliffe

“Have been a customer for 3-4 years now , great service A+++ recommended”

Tj Drei

“Used these guys to help set up a fish tank at the front of our store. It really helped draw kids and families into our shop and helps create a great atmosphere for our customers. I got great customer service, and a reasonable price. The gentleman who set up the tank has been easily contactable and services the tanks on a regular basis and as a real added bonus – our fish stay alive!!“

Eddie Tenser

Our Team

Cliff Arney

Cliff Arney

Co-Founder and Expert Fish Guy

Cliff Arney established as a co-founder , he is also a Fish guy with huge knowledge about fish culture ,



Professional aqua scaper

Eric is our professional aqua scaper, pond and Japanese garden designer
Eric has an artistic creative eye for design.

Colin Chin

Colin Chin

expert in aquarium and fish health & maintenance

Colin Chin is our expert in aquarium and fish health & maintenance. Colin Chin has his own famous aquarium in Singapore and has worked in Australia’s biggest fish wholesaler for years

Aubrey and Isabelle

Aubrey and Isabelle

Little administration team

Aubrey and Isabelle is our own little administration team

Aquatic Pets


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